12 of the best sources of sustainability

12 of the best sources of sustainability

Guide for STEAM professionals engaging in sustainability and environmental science

Are you participating in a green education programme? Are you looking for ways to reverse the ecological damage caused by industries and our habits? Are you looking for a green job? Do you need to source more detailed information on sustainability? 

Listed below are 12 non-profit, public and private organisations dedicated to raising awareness, sharing knowledge, news and information on the topic of ecological sustainability. 

Green Jobs

#1 Environment Jobs

For those looking to build an international career, this job portal lists environmental and green jobs worldwide. Whether you are seeking to work in the areas of ecology, conservation and wildlife, or environmental, CSR and sustainability - you can find thousands of vacancies for all position levels. 

#2 European Environment Agency

develop, implement and evaluate environmental policies. Based in Danemark, the EEA is keen to receive applications for temporary and contract agents. 

#3 Die Jobbörse für Umweltfachkräfte (in German)

This award-winning German job portal is useful to launch a career in the field of sustainability within the region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


#4 Green Tech Cluster Styria

This esteemed environmental consultancy helps organisations and research institutions drive growth. Situated in Austria, this consultancy has consecutively ranked as the worlds no. 1 Environmental Technology Cluster. 

#5 Greentech Media

Greentech Media is the leading information provider for the global electricity sector. Also known as GTM, the news site raise awareness, host events and curate the latest trends on the technologies, markets and business models that shape the future of the electricity industry. 

#6 ScienceDaily

In addition to posting articles about everything science-related, this digital information platform provides authoritative news and commentary on all aspects of Greentech. 

Sustainability and the Arts

#7 Center for Art Education and Sustainability

The Sustainable art School is a US non-profit organisation specialising on the research and education of sustainable practices in art in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals. 

#8 Cité de l’Océan et du Surf

Founded in 2011, this green museum features exhibitions with an ecological focus. Based in France, Cité de l’Océan et du Surf encourages visitors to explore the intersection between the built environment and the ocean.

#9 Artists and Climate Change

This digital platform serves as an essential source for artists addressing climate change issues. Blogs are posted with an intended mission to shape values and behaviours about climate through the arts. 

Climate Change and Environmental Preservation

#10 The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

As a crucial global goal, the United Nations urges us to “Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.” Following the historic Paris Agreement, the UN provides facts and figures, as well as useful links of information on climate action and reports. 

#11 NewClimate Institute for Climate Policy and Global Sustainability

Based in Germany, this respectable think tank enables sustainability professionals to stay up to date about everything on climate change. Get the latest from the NewClimate experts on topics ranging from climate negotiations to carbon market mechanisms.

#12 Climate Central

This comprehensive site is a network of independent scientists and communicators who research and report the facts about climate change, energy and sea-level rise. In addition to blogs, reports and webinars, Climate Central offers a vast media library with easily searchable topics. 

This list of 12 resources is by far exhaustive, yet serves to provide you with the support of sourcing information on all aspects of sustainability. Enjoy!

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Rita Isiba is the founder of Aphropean Partners and Frontiers of Dialogue Forum in Austria. She is also an Associate Partner of Funkensprung, a chain of hubs for creativity, entrepreneurship and networking scattered across Vienna. As an engagement specialist, trainer and facilitator, she supports organisations with a need to prepare for international business development assignments with a focus on Africa and Europe. Rita Isiba resides in Vienna with her partner and daughter. She is also active on LinkedIn, where she shares her views of organisational culture and business trends impacting growth.

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