Danny Gauch

Worlddidac Association, Switzerland

Danny Gauch is the Director General of the Worlddidac Association. His career history spans more than 25 years, holding various positions in Industry and education, ranging from being a Mechatronics Skills Competition Coach, Global Product Manager (EDS); Regional Sales Manager Asia & Pacific; Didactic Sales Manager; Head of Consulting and Strategic Development; CSO; Head of Marketing & Sales. Mr. Gauch has qualifications as a Mechatronics Engineer and completed further studies in Marketing as well as in Sales and Administration. Mr. Gauch has won the respect of business by his determined approach to navigate a diverse and complicated world of people and technology. His fluency in English, German, French and Italian has no doubt supported his ease in communicating and collaborating with like-minded and interested parties. He has been a key part of important international projects, his most recent involvement being the development of the curricula and skills of Aquatronics to improve the capacity of the water sector worldwide. His passion is the field of education, the use of new technologies to create new ways of teaching, to define improved training and skills development methodologies and state of the art training equipment. He is in his element when collaborating and networking with local and international stakeholders to achieve mutually beneficial goals, creating better experiences, deeper relationships, embracing ongoing change and development, striving for continuous improvement.