How do we adapt to the 4th Industrial Revolution in the 2020s and the era of the New Normal?

Key themes

    The potential of artificial challenges and industry 4.0 technologies to master 21st century issues such as climate, nature, poverty, inequality.
    The opportunities in the context of international digital transformation.
    Readiness of economies and countries for digitalization and industry 4.0 technologies.
    Requirements for generations, employability, gender, social and inclusive growth, new jobs and new businesses.
    The future of industrial skills – Education and Skills 4.0.

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6 November 202012:00-17:00 CET

Keynote SpeakerUNIDO

Private Sector VoiceFesto Didactic

Panel 1

How does digital education and artificial intelligence impact economies, societies, and work 4.0 in the 2020s?

Panel 2

How do we organize eduction 4.0? How do we shift and digitalize teaching and learning towards the needs of future industrial and social skills, employability, and growth?