How does STEAM Education Empower Gender Equality and Social Inclusiveness, and is the Foundation of Environmental Oriented Education and Successful Business Models in the 21th Century?

Key themes:

    The importance of STEAM education to drive social, inclusive andeconomic growth.
    The effects for societies of early exposure to STEAM education.
    The impact of STEAM education on gender equality.
    The relevance of STEAM education for developing countries.
    STEAM as the foundation of education 4.0 and shaping newbusiness models.
    STEAM empowering today’s and tomorrow’s change-makerssolving environmental challenges.

Keynote Speaker: UNESCO UIL Executive


Date: 4 November 2020Time: 09:30-14:00
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Panel 1:

How does Early Exposure to STEAM Education Drive Economic and Social Growth of Countries at Different Levels in the Era of Business, Work and Economy 4.0

Panel 2:

How do we mobilize STEAM Education in the Era of Digitalization to advocate Future Generations Mastering Fundamental Change of the 2020s?