How do we Organize Greening Education and TVET to Impact on Transitioning ‘Greening’ the Economy for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth? 

Key themes:

    The Must of greening education and jobs for sustainable green growth.
    General overview of current landscape of green education and skills.
    Challenges and opportunities towards continuously greening economy and eco-systems.
    Readiness of education STEAMs and TVET institutions for the green transition in the 2020s.
    The relevance of greening education for employability, new Jobs and new businesses.
    Greening Lifelong-Learning

Keynote Speaker: UNESCO-UNEVOC Executive


Date: 5 November 2020Time: 13:30-18:00
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Panel 1:

How do we Define Greening Education and TVET to Advocate the Change-Makers for Greening Economies towards inclusive Eco-Systems?

Panel 2:

How do we Ramp-up Greening Education and the Institutional TVET Greening Plan for Employability and New Businesses and New Business Models?