How do we organize greening education and TVET to impact on transitioning ‘greening’ the economy for sustainable and inclusive growth? 

Key themes:

    The must of greening education and jobs for sustainable green growth.
    General overview of the current landscape of green education and skills.
    Challenges and opportunities towards continuously greening economy and eco-systems.
    Readiness of education STEAMs and TVET institutions for the green transition in the 2020s.
    The relevance of greening education for employability, new jobs and new businesses.
    Greening lifelong-learning

Keynote Speaker: UNESCO-UNEVOC Executive


Date: 5 November 2020Time: 09:30-14:00
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Panel 1:

How do we define greening education and TVET to advocate the change-makers for greening economies towards inclusive eco-systems?

Panel 2:

How do we ramp-up greening education and the institutional TVET greening plan for employability and new businesses as well as new business models?