Günter R. Koch

PresidentHumboldt Cosmos Multiversity

Günter R. Koch is President of the Humboldt Cosmos Multiversity, a Discourse and Education Platform established in Tenerife, Spain.
Mr. Koch holds a masters degree in Computer Science from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). He launched his career as an entrepreneur in the software industry specialising in Software Engineering in industrial automation, before becoming head of an international competence institute in Software Management set up by the European Commission and European IT industry. In 1993, he headed Austria’s largest R&D organisation ARC, today called Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), where he developed and introduced Intellectual Capital Reporting as a method of knowledge management. After leaving ARC in 2003, he initiated a High-Level Expert Group under the auspices of the EU Commission on the subject of knowledge reporting.
Mr. Koch received several awards, one of it being the 1st class decoration for his achievements in science and arts, awarded by the President of Austria. In 2019, he received an award for his life achievements in science as Dr.h.c. in Romania.