Lieselot Van Gysel

GTI Beveren, Belgium

Lieselot Van Gysel has been working at GTI Beveren, in Belgium a secondary school since September 2018 and has been STEM's ambassador for the European Commission since August 2018. Ms. Van Gysel was born on the 20th December 1994 in Bornem. She graduated in 2012 with a degree in Electromechanics where as the only girl in that class. She started her college career at Odisee Aalst with a professional bachelor engineering but dropped the study when she realised this wasn't her calling. She changed schools to Vives Bruges and graduated as a Teacher Electricity & Mechanics in June 2018. As part of her study in Vives she researched the low count of girls in vocational education studies in high school. The results showed that there was a lot of room for improvement and she wants to set up a project that would ensure more girls choose for vocational education.