Liliana de Sá Kirchknopf

Head of Private Sector DevelopmentEconomic Development Cooperation Directorate (SECO)

Liliana de Sá Kirchknopf is Head of the Private Sector Development Division in the Economic Development Cooperation Directorate at SECO, promoting a better business environment, access to finance for enterprises as well as strengthened skills and entrepreneurship. She is also Co-Chair from the Donor Committee on Enterprise Development (DCED).
Ms. de Sá Kirchknopf has worked for SECO since 1996 in different positions, including as Senior Advisor at the Swiss Executive Directors Office at the World Bank Group in Washington D.C., as private sector development specialist for the International Finance Corporation IFC and as Head of the Swiss Contribution Office in Budapest, responsible for the set-up and implementation of a 130 million CHF cohesion programme in Hungary.
She holds a Masters in Economics from the University of Bern with a minor in Political Science.


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