Taina Tukiainen

ProfessorAalto University

Dr. Taina Tukiainen is Professor of Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Aalto University and Witten-Herdecke, and adviser to the Vice President of the European Committee of Regions.
Professor Taina Tukiainen has been closely involved with the UN UNOPS Social Impact Investing Initiative (S3I) and UN ‘SDG Cities Leadership’ initiatives with the focus on leadership, education, research and venture funding. She has an executive, senior, and scientific network inside the European Union, and held various positions of trust and leadership. From 2015 to 2019 Dr. Tukiainen was a Member of the Cabinet of Presidents at the European Committee of the Regions, responsible for various policies, such as research, education, innovation or digitalization. She was also a visiting scholar at Stanford and MIT.
Taina Tukiainen has been active in setting-up public-private leadership and research programs internationally. She has M.Sc.(Eng), MBA and D.Sc.(Tech) degree from Helsinki University of Technology (Aalto).